We also develop free apps:

Easily Create PDF files with your Mac

Easy PDF Creator App

(version 2.0.2)
Do you ever need to send PDF file to friends, clients, vendors? Do you want to save hundreds of dollars from the price of Adobe Acrobat Standard? Download our Easy PDF Creator today - a drag and drop application which will convert a batch of images and text files to PDF in seconds.

Toggle Between Showing and Hiding Hidden Files on Your MAC.

Show All Files App

(version 2.0.5)
Sure, you can use the terminal to toggle between ShowAllFiles, and hiding the hidden files. Why not make it easy and use our simple, free application to do this with the click of a button? This program is free forever. We also have added a feature to help you re-index Spotlight

Get Songs off iPOD

Get Songs off iPod

(version 1.3.0)
Do you need a way to copy the songs from your iPOD to your Mac? Here is a free program that will display a list of all the songs on your iPOD, and allows you to select which ones you would like to copy to your computer. Sure, you could just mount the iPod as a drive and copy the songs, but this app will name the files with the artist name and song. Also, it will navigate through all those pesky folders iTunes creates!

Strava and Garmin Tools

Strava Tools

(version: does not apply)
Free Web Apps to help you create Garmin Courses, export GPX files, and combine separated GPX or TCX files.

Convert OpenStreetMap.org OSM files to IMG files that you can upload to your Garmin GPS


(version 1.1.0)
Would you like to download free maps from the web and put them in your Garmin GPS? Now you can with Open Street Map. Simply Download XML Osmarender maps from their website, and then use our free program to convert the files to IMG files that can be uploaded to your GPS.

Quick Perl and PHP Tester

Quick PERL tester

(version 1.0.3)
Have you ever wanted a quick way to test our your PERL or PHP scripts for debugging, and often found yourself frustrated with all the time spend switching between the application you use to write the code and the application you use to test the code? If so, this lightweight program may help you. Write your PERL or PHP code in the upper box, click the Run Perl button, and your results appear in the bottom window.

Sports Equipment Diary / Journal

Sports Equipment Log

(version 1.4.6)
Have you been searching for an easy way to track your sports gear usage? Do you rotate your running shoes every 500 miles, but want an easy way to track the mileage on your shoes? Do you use a Garmin Fitness GPS Device? The Sports Equipment Log Program fills the gap that Garmin Connect and Garmin Training Center miss - a diary tracking your Gear.

At GOTOES, we develop apps that help you have fun and work more efficiently. We provide you with popular tools like PDF Merge, and Batch Image Resizer. We also are the developers of fun apps like MiJournal and Folder Icon Changer. All apps have a free trial, and excellent customer support.

Although we offer the latest in app technology, we still value good old fashioned customer service. This means that if you have a feature request or a question, you can send us an inquiry, and a real person will respond to you with helpful ideas. A lot of our system is automated for convenience, but there is always a real person on the other end ready to help you.